Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Heard that "sense" of........

We have shared together the Blessings of God. {Philippians 1:7}
Hi! Girls, hope this finds you all doing well! I am just sharing a thought of mine this morning....that I heard that "sense of dread." my BFF{Diana} yesterday!  This is so on my Heart this morning!  She was telling me about the "next step" in this cancer ordeal, and that is chemo!  I just let her talk about it.... and all the while I had this kinda sick feeling for her...she was telling me that another friend of hers just simply asked her "Why are you doing this"? Diana just said ...well it's what I have to do! because I have to fight for my life...then D said to me "Kay"..why would M say that to me?..girls I just did not have a answer for her other than "people" can be so cold... and yes! indifferent! {Not wanting to judge here}...but all I know to do and feel is that "HOPE" that I personally have to lean on every minute of my Life! and that's what I have to tell to Keep Trusting when someone just kinda pulls the rug out from under you! that in spite of those shocking statements, God is listening and watching from the portals of Heaven! OK~ sweet friends not wanting to be " Sad" this morning...because I am so Grateful that we have a God that Cares! and He is so knowing of really what we are feeling! and all I am required to do is just tell Him! and he will come to my aid as well! A couple of "Posts ago".. I talked about the "Whispers of God"... and here I am just needing to hear a Gentle Whisper for my thoughts this morning! and guess what...hear this....*MY GOD TURNS MY DARKNESS INTO LIGHT.{Psalm 18:28}.
My prayer for each of you{and myself} today is that search His Word, His Promise, His Grace, His Mercy, His Joy, His Strength, His Peace, and most of All HIS LOVE! that keeps us from falling! Love and Blessings to you for a J~O~Y Filled Day:)


  1. Sending Hugs and praying for you and Diana!

  2. You have the sweetest heart, gal. I don't think people mean to say the wrong thing...they just open their mouths sometimes to make way for their foot. I will pray for your friend, and your heavy heart. I usually pick a favorite song to sing when things get me down, and today it is "I will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever, I will sing...I will sing..." Do you know that one? I just can't sing it and be sad. :o)

    Love and warm hugs to you sweet friend,

  3. Hi there dear friend, I agree with Becky and often we do inadvertinely say things we shouldn't or didn't mean to. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the friend has watched someone else go through the horrific issues with chemo. I can understand wanting to spare a loved one more pain...but we never know what it is like until we walk that path. I'll be praying for your BFF and for you as well as the other friend. May His grace carry Diana during this time and His healing flow over her.
    Hugs and much love to you.

  4. God has been speaking to me about just this thing. I sometimes speak before I am clearly focused and made mistakes ... it has been a tough lesson but God is a great teacher.
    Thank you for sharing. Praying for Diana and for you too.