Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yikes!..."Flu bug"~ @{ don't forget}~give-a-way!

Good Morning~ just so you all can Pray for my Family, at least 6 of my family members are downnnnnnn....with the 'flu bug", so just be conscious of us, that God will allow this to be a short lived illness, but it seems just overnight that our area has been swarmed with this BuG! As we speak, one of my son's is on his way to the ER in Tyler, Texas. PS~ please dont' forget  my give-a-way Post and enter your name! Ends Friday @ Noon. until then.....Love and Blessings for a Happy:)  Stay Well, and Lysol! kind of Day!:)


  1. Praying God's healing power over each one of your family members! May His strength, peace and healing touch be yours today in Jesus Name!

  2. Hi there Kay, So very sorry to hear it has touched your family but I'm echoing Lisa's prayer-His touch is so powerful.
    Don't know whether it's what we've had but Mucinex DM helped alot.
    Lifting you up.

  3. Praying for GOD's healing touch!
    In our area bronchitis is up 700%!
    That's what I've been struggling with.
    We ALL need a healthier New Year!

  4. Hi~
    yes; I have been missing! My youngest Gabby had to have emergency surgery on her appendix last Saturday and than developed an infection. So Lord-willing she can go home tomorrow. I have been here with her the whole week. My mom is having a very hard time...she is really starting to suffer a breakdown. The pressure is enormous as my parents have a business and my brother works for them and now wants to what he considers supporting mom...even though the business was theirs~ Need a great deal of prayer. Praying for a recovery for you all. We have completed moving out of the house. Tom, Amanda and Austin moved everything over this past week and now I have to put everything in its new place when I arrive home....oh joy! Can't stand moving~ but ! Praising the Lord that we have a home!!
    Love and blessings,