Tuesday, December 21, 2010

up~date! on prayer request!

Good Evening! Hope all is well with you! Just a quick update for my dearest friend Diana, talked with her this evening, Girls she has Breast Cancer in both breasts, so as I shared this morning, please keep her in your prayers, has got a long journey before her. She is experiencing the very worst of "our" human" emotions and that is the word FEAR! of the unknown! And of course that is so human! I probally would be as well! ~but anyway hope and pray that you have a wonderful Wednesday and keep your Hearts and Minds focused on the one that gives us life! To God Be The Glory for all that he has done!
*My times are in your hands....Psalm 31:15{NIV}


  1. Oh Kay, I am so sorry for your sweet friend Diana. I pray that GOD will supernaturally tuck her under His wing and that she will come to know His peace that passes understanding. I will pray for His healing touch as well.
    Christmas blessings to you and yours~ Jess

  2. Dear Kay...just wanted to stop by and let you know I was thinking of you. I'm so sorry to read about Diana's recent diagnosis. I remember when my best friend was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. . .at the age of 31. It's such a scary time---but I know that the Lord will allow you to be a source of strength for her, as you draw your strength from Him. She will need to have someone to listen to her, and be there for her---and you will be an extension of the Lord's arms--to hold her up. Will be praying for her and her family. . and you too.
    Christmas hugs!

  3. Praying for her and that God will give His strength, mercy, and healing!!

  4. Praying for Diana!!!

    May the Hand of our Healer and Comforter be upon her and bring her total Peace on this very difficult journey.

    Also came by to wish you a Merry Christmas before I get off line for a while.

    Please know I'll keep Diana in my prayers.