Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A "special" Request? "Please"! & Thanks!

Good Morning! Girls, will just say,~~ admit it~~I am tired this morning! ,but I am on schedule today to work!~ but Brandi and I had such a fun time yesterday. Just too close to being done with our shopping!! and you guessed it, a quick post but I have to say that I am kinda really down in spirit this morning, as I learned last night after I got home that my very closest, dearest ,Girlfriend; was diagnosed with Breast Cancer yesterday ! I did not really rest at all last night, she will have her biopsy done on Friday, not on one breast, but both, for masses were seen in both! The surgeon told her yesterday that He feels it is just in one, but Girls I have just had a sick feeling since I spoke with her last night! But because I just" KNOW"~ That God is already There!~ She will be comforted by HIS LOVE!~But will share our "STORY" OF A LIFE TIME FRIENDSHIP in the next few days ~but until then all I know to do is~"PRAY"! Please, Please, Please, PRAY WITH ME! FOR "DIANA".
Sending My Love and Blessings to you! and Thank You! for standing in the G.A.P.{God Answers Prayer}!


  1. Dear Kay, I am so sorry to hear about your friend...tears fill my eyes. You can count on my prayers, sweetie, and more than that, on our mighty God to comfort and sustain Diana and her family in this difficult time.

    I just have to say Kay that you are such a joy to me! You are just so full of joy and love...and I love how you sprinkle it everywhere! I know your friends sooo appreciate you and your gift of encouragement! I sure do!

    Praying that you and yours have a blessed Christmas and new year!
    Lots of love,

  2. Oh Kay. I am so sorry to hear this. Will be praying for Diana and all of her family and friends. God is there and I pray HE will bring peace and comfort to all!

    Praying for you too my friend! You are such a wonderful friend and I know you will be right there for her every step of the way! What a gift that is!!

    Bless you! and sending big hugs!

  3. Dearest Kay, I love your heart of love for your friend. Knowing so many who have walked this path, I am praying for the Lord's healing touch on Diana and for wisdom for her as well as the doctor. I'm thankful so much has been learned in the last number of years and it isn't like it used to be. I'll be uplifting her as well as you-for Peace that passes understanding. I agree with both my friends, Becky and Loren, in what a wonderful blessing you are to us and so many.
    Much love,

  4. Praying for a special touch from God for
    Diana and the peace that passes all our
    human understanding. Also, I pray for
    your strength to stand along side her as
    a friend and sister in Christ.