Sunday, December 5, 2010

Memories~ Christmas Tree~ & "coffee table"Bible

Merry Christmas~ Mom, Hope you like your Christmas Tree! Christmas Tree in memory of my Mom!
The Holy Family..............{Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus} (title in this Bible).

Life's Instructions(my words)....The Ten Commandments

*The Holy Bible...............
Good Sunday Evening Ladies, just sharing with you a couple of my memories of my Mother with you, this afternoon I kinda just dug into some "stuff". I found a box of pictures I haven't seen in a long time. This Bible was given to me shortly after I married almost 40 yrs. ago, it has been laying on a shelf and moved from place to place, as you can tell~ but my wheels started to turn when I remember at one of the Christmases past that she wanted to get all of kids one of these! I don't know if my brothers or sister ever got one but I did~ I was looking through it and it is filled with these type of pictures through out! It just became so important {TODAY}! which it always as been but today was different~ It was called a "coffee table" Bible. The Christmas Tree was a sweet memory for me as well, every year about this time I would go to my Mom's and put up a little tree for her~ my dad never took this seriously, but my mother always wanted a tree~ so I would bring decorations and put one up for her. So today this was my final decorations~ I bought this white tree in memory of her and then used my "table decorations" to decorate it,{ I set it in her rocking chair that I got when she passed}~ if you can see the little colored ornaments on the tree that is little glass "humming birds" in memory of my dad. He Loved his birds!! So there you have it~~~ my sweet memories of the past that just got a little "Sweeter Today"!! *MERRY CHRISTMAS ! & Happy:) Memories to You!

*May your Father and Mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice! Proverbs 23:25{NIV}


  1. What a sweet post this morning! I just love your tree and that Bible! How precious!! Perfect to share your heart and memories with!

    Have a blessed week

  2. Our hearts always turn back to our loved
    ones who have left this temporary life to
    be with Him. May our memories be sweet and
    our time filled with knowing Him more
    intimately until we join our families and
    Him one day in heaven.
    Touching post, Kay.