Thursday, December 2, 2010

"I"~ {messed up}! ~AGAIN!!

*YOU HAVE LET ME EXPERIENCE THE JOYS OF LIFE AND EXQUISITE PLEASURES OF YOUR ETERNAL PRESENCE. Psalm 16:11{TLB} Happy:) December to You! I know you will be busy!~ but let us take a moment every day and Love on the Lord! For He is the J~O~Y that brings us to Him! Girls ~ Thank you for your sweet comments in regards to my "BD" yesterday! They were a precious memory that you made for me! Sharing my calendar page with you and what it says for this month is so true, that just "a single moment in your presence"~is worth anything! OK, just so you will know, I did not get my driving license in the mail yesterday and guess what they expired last night @ midnight! So if you will {Yes}! say a Prayer that they will like "COME TODAY"!! and I received the notice a month ago~ but kept thinking I will just go to local office and re-do them, but NO!, I put that off until about 2 weeks ago, and just decided to mail it in!! So~ again I messed up!! and it states plainly on that notice that it will be about 3 weeks, to process! So here I sit with no DL! and of course I have to take my sister to Tyler, tomorrow with no license, Pray, Pray, Pray for me!! I will confess right now~ "I" was the one that made this choice~ so now I will have to really watch for those "Lights", now my son's (being Police Officers) would say to me "Mom", you messed up!
I haven't said anything to them!! Ha_Ha:)! why oh! why! do I do this? I guess I will blame it on being "Human"!. Lord~ Please forgive me, when "I" don't make good choices. Ladies, Please have a HAPPY:) Day and may the "Meditation of Your Hearts and Minds" Be Fixed on the One that even Forgives when "I" mess things UP!! THANK YOU~ SWEET JESUS FOR YOUR FORGIVENESS.
{PS} if you have time please visit "Brandi's Blessings" blog for the adorable pics of my GRANDS!}, this was the "MOMENT" that "I" chose not to go for the WALK that Day that "I" MISSED!!


  1. Bless your heart! I will be praying that it comes today but if not I will pray that you will have nothing but angels surrounding you as you drive!!

    I have no doubt that even if something did happen and you got pulled over the Lord would have favor on you !!!

    Bless you!

  2. Praying it comes quickly! I do things that this all the time and then end up asking myself "why"! I love your honesty and how you are just real! Hope you have a great day! Happy BIrthday a little late!:)