Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Tuesday Morning!?? Hi! Ladies just so you will know I seem to be emerging with life signs again! WoW~ I'm not sure where I have been, but I was wondering when animals come out of long hibernation do they feel "disconnected"?(Ha-Ha)! Praise God! Oh! Thank you Father I seem to be feeling better this morning! and I know Prayer worked again!! Oh, thanks girls for you have out~did yourself on praying for me with the sweet comments; I know this illness was covered in prayer! and I just was so caught off guard with whatever got me the last 5 days! But I told myself this morning I have got to get up, for some reason I think I was dreaming about "Thanksgiving" and was trying to decide if I had all the spices and things I needed?, for our Holiday!! I like to go to the grocery way early and be prepared, not fighting those crowds the day before! So later today I am going to get in my pantry and start my lists!; it is almost noon and I am still in my Jammie's! but am not going anywhere! My Prayer for you is that God will keep you safe, well, and Happy:)!
***HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDI!**** {will take you to lunch this week-end!}


  1. Safe, well, and happy for sure!!!!

  2. Thank you mom! I am glad you are feeling better...I will come over this week and fix your blog so you can post pics again :) Love you MUCH!!