Sunday, November 7, 2010

In spite of..~ Happy :) Colorful Day to You!

Happy:)~ Sunday Morning!
When I sat down here I said to myself~ We need something Happy, Bright, and with color this morning! You know when you just feel an little "Bla", just perk up with Happy:) COLORS!
Hey, girls just wishing you a wonderful day, first of all with our Lord Jesus, in Worship and Praise! and then with family and friends! I will listen to worship by radio this morning, WoW~this stuff is hanging on.... did not have the best night, but am shaking it off with some breathing treatments and meds! I will with the {Help of Brandi}~ get my table decorated for tomorrow night's "Tour of Christmas Tables" event at my church! "Satan" will not stop me!! because I Serve A~ "Risen Savior" and His Name is Jesus! To God Be the Glory! Have a Happy:) Blessed; Sunday and Thanks!! Ladies for your Prayers! FOR~ G.A.P.~ (God Answers Prayer!)


  1. Hi Kay, I know just what you mean about colors perking a gal up. I ended up fighting a cold my grands have, so am staying inside and staying warm today. Your church event sounds lovely-wish I could join you. Thank you for lifting my spirit this morning.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. You're right in saying you're not going
    to let satan stop you, Kay. The Greater
    One lives in you. Remember the lepers
    were healed as they went. I think when
    we make the effort to go on with what
    we need to do the Lord gives grace and
    strength and many times we're healed as
    we go!
    Love & Hugs,

  3. Hi Kay,
    I hope your feeling better this evening. It was so nice and thoughtful of you to wish everyone a wonderful day. I'll be back to visit you.

    May God bless you and give you the energy you need while you're feeling sick, and bless you with help from friends. Amen

    Go to bed early, and sleep in :o)

    Michele Katherine

  4. Praying you feel better ~ Gods healing hand is on you!! Good for you putting the enemy where he belongs....UNDER YOUR FEET!!

    Praying you have a blessed and beautiful week my friend
    Love you