Thursday, October 7, 2010

MiXeD BaG? {of things}!

*Put God in charge of your work, then what you've planned will take place.Proverbs 16:3{NIV}

Good Thursday Morning Ladies! Well I guess that this pic has got you wondering? Well let me tell you about it! Today.... looks like a Busy One; yes you see the potatoes.. I will be making Potato Soup and cornbread to take to my sister's house, While there I will clean for her, she had her surgery yesterday and last night she did not sound like she was doing that good! But surgery went well. onto the paint brushes OK, I bought two high back wooden chairs, already sanded them but I want to get them painted, been sitting on patio for a couple of weeks now! And on to the posters....... Well my daughter asked me if I could start putting them out around our little town! I said sure I can do that!! OK, I have to go do my workout @ Curves, just did one this week!, and have got to freshen up my house before I get going! Sooooooooo..................................,
I am not starting anything without my Savior, I have got to "run" to Him for that is where my strength is going to come from!! Don't you agree with me? oh! yeah!! and besides that I did not get to other things that need to be done..... like my utility room(piled up!), finish touch-up painting in one of my bedrooms, laundry....I think you are getting it! I'm stopping now......, Hope you all have a Wonderful Day; but remember: WE MUST START IT WITH JESUS!!
{PS}. one of my favorite songs just came on and the message in it is so awesome! {Casting Crowns}: "If We Ever Needed You".... LORD IT IS NOW....... !
(Ps again... Girls I just opened my Bible and it opened to Psalm 18; WoW~ it is packed with *Strength and Promises* for today!!



  1. I love this post! You are so thoughtful and I just see the Lord using you to bless, help, love and encourage all who you are in contact with whether it be in person or here on bloggy world! Thanks for being YOU...wonderful YOU!

  2. Hi there, I too love this post-takes us right to the foot of the cross and our need for Jesus. I love reading your posts-they always encourage me so. I pray your day went smoothly and that He richly blessed you.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Hope your day was just one BIG blessing! I know you bless many.....

  4. Psalm 18---the Strong Deliverer! Ohh yes! Sounds like you had a busy day..sure hope you've found some time to rest your tired feet. :) Thanks for the wonderful post, and also the reminder---start out the day with the LORD, or else the entire day will be a F.L.O.P.~ Failure, Lost, Overwhelmed, Pooped: (we'll feel it was a Failure, we have Lost the day's battle, we're Overwhelmed or just plain Pooped out!) Don't ask me where THAT came from?? LOL Anyway, thanks! Your post was a delight to me this evening! Hugs! :)

  5. You are always so encouraging, thank you.