Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Lost It"...{for a moment}

Good Morning Ladies, hope you have had a good week-end! Mine has been with my
sister at the hospital, took her to Emergency Room on Sat. about 10am , and got home about 10pm. last night and will be going back in a little while, she took a nose dive on me... and away we went. I just have to "fess "up! (mine you tho), I've already told God about it! So knowing I have been forgiven for losing my way at times yesterday, I will share with you that I kinda was wondering for a moment at times, that I just kinda "lost my faith"! Girls I know that they may sound strange but as I was sitting with her and looked out the window which has a little small lake of water that surrounds part of our local hospital, God said "Kay" you cannot take your "FAITH" out of your purse and throw it in this Lake! Tears came (quietly)... as I had just received not good news in regards to one on my (adult children). So Girls I immediately took everything that was going through my thoughts and went to my car and tried to Pray, I just told God I did not know what to say! But Thanked Him for listening and asked for "Grace" for the moment! Now knowing that I have already been filled with the Grace that is so Sufficient, that's all I could get out! Have you ever been here?.... litterly just thinking I will just throw it away!
OK, girls today is a new Day! one of Worship and Praise, and as I prepare to go back there; I will just ask God again; "Please Restore My "Faith" as I walk with Him!



  1. You did just what He wants us to do--throw it back to HIM!. He's "got the wheel" as the song says.

    I pray for a new day full of grace and peace for you, Kay.

  2. Kay,

    The Lord is with us and knows our hearts long before we come to the realization! Your honesty and surrender will be honored and in HIS Grace HE will raise you up and strengthen you despite what you "feel"
    Sending you hugs my friend and prayers for you and your sis!
    So glad you shared your heart with us but most importantly with our Father!

    Love you!

  3. Dear Kay, Thank you for your honesty with us-it helps to know that we are not alone when we fall and also today helps us to know how to pray for you. So sorry about your sister. So glad the Father heard, understood and is answering your heart cries right now.
    Hugs to you today.

  4. Just a note to say thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. . .reminding us that we are all "in the same boat"---and thankfully the LORD knows we have this treasure of salvation in earthen (leaky) vessels. I'm sending a hug through the screen right now. . .watch out. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :) Hope it will be a better day for you dear friend! ! We are all praying for you and this situation. . .this will increase your faith . .all it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed. . a tiny mustard seed. That's it. He'll "grow it" by SHOWING OFF in this situation, proving He's able to take care of "it"--all of IT, and YOU TOO! :)
    HUGS!! :)

  5. Kay,
    you know I have walked through many valleys and I am in a doozy of one now I know what it is like to lose it on our Lord! You are in my prayers!! Please know remember at the lowest points He is there with you....when you wonder aloud....He is there beside!
    Much love,

  6. Thanks for your honest heart, praying for God to love on you extra sweetly.