Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just You & Me! The "sitting" chicken....

Good Tuesday Morning, well this was all that was left when we finished! " A Sitting chicken".
My sister has been wanting to come over and wash all the "stuff" that sits on a shelf that goes around the top of my cabinets. So here we go; there were things that I had put up there and girls I was once again so aggravated at myself, that stuff was so dirty!! Oh! my, we kinda had to scrub that dusty stuff!, but we did it so all the stuff that had been sitting for a long time was washed and yeap! you guessed it....put in a box! I decided that when and if I put anything back up there I have to put it on my calendar to take down and wash it at least once a month!, but this "little chicken" was my mother-in-laws and it is just a special piece that was given to me~ so I am letting that "Little Chicken" sit!, I am in the making to change up kitchen decor anyway so this piece will fit in "sitting pretty" with my colorful roosters!! But anyway this is where I am at! "Just Sitting " (with my chicken), and Praising God for my Blessings!! Oh! Yeah~ Thank You Lord, for you have Blessed Me So!! For today... when you "SIT" Praise Him, for HIS Love Endures Forever!

*Whenever the living creatures give Glory, Honor, and Thanks to HIM who {SITS} on the throne... Rev.4:9{NIV}

*HE {SITS} enthroned above the circle of the earth. Isaiah 40:22{NIV}


  1. I love sitting, and praising my Father.

  2. sitting & praising HIM with you! Love u