Saturday, October 2, 2010

He"sees" every "Tree" that "FALLS"!

Good Saturday Morning! Hope you are enjoying that coffee this morning! OK, I woke up{YET AGAIN} with the thought of somewhat of a Dread! You ask why? everyday this week, when I hear the noises of bull-dozers in my back door, and I mean it just sounds like they are racing back and forth in my back-yard! I have this feeling of dread of what has been the 30 yrs., of where I have lived has been a heavily wooded area, in the back, on the sides, and in the front of my home! But it took me 3 days to figure out what all the noise was behind me! My first thoughts was that they were working on the highway going into a sub-division just down the way; but by Wednesday morning it was just too close for comfort! I stepped out on my back porch and I saw trees falling and dust flying!! I said oh! someone is clearing off the land in my back door! So where is this taking you; I have been fretting over this because it disturbs me of the "future" of what might be happening to my very quiet street~ deer litterly drinking out of the swimming pool, squirrels, rabbits, and yes sometimes little animals ; like possums that tear the trash up; if left out! but, I know that I am not to worry over all this "CHANGE" that I see coming! I thought what in the world are these people thinking? of taking away the Quiet and Serenity that I have been used to! But for now; I will try to start thinking that the change that I have been hearing & seeing all week, may not be as critical as it looks!{MAYBE}! I have to stop this fretting and worrying over the Falling of these Trees because I am so aware that God knows all about it! and yes "HE" sees every tree that FALLS!

{NOTE:}...As we look into the future, with no clear path before us, we may become fearful! But God has provided for our future. Paul wrote: and My god will meet all of your needs according to His Glorious Riches in Christ Jesus. (Phillipians 4:19). It does not say...perhaps "he will provide" or "he is able to", but ~ "HE WILL PROVIDE." GOD IS OUR HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!

*Know also that wisdom is sweet to you soul; if you find it, there is a future Hope for you, and your Hope will not be cut off. {Proverbs 24:14}.


  1. Oh that would concern me too!!I hate seeing quiet areas turn into neighborhoods or shopping centers! The poor deer and wildlife! You are right tho! The Lord was not surprised or worried! Thank goodness this only our TEMPORARY HOME!!

    Love you!