Friday, October 22, 2010

faith+family+friends= J~O~Y!

Y~you! Good Friday Morning! did you miss me yesterday? Well I had to leave very early and take my sister to Tyler, Texas, (about 40 miles), for 2 different doctor's appt's. One was at 8:00am, and the other was at 10:45am. Since she was in the hospital last week, had to see her kidney doctor.
And Girls, my heart is heavy for her, she was told that she was probably going to have to start dialysis even before this "shunt thing" is ready!; and that simply means as I put it; some added trauma for her; but as I so believe!, won't waver, will stand, and know, that I know~ that "GOD IS ALREADY THERE"! So today; I am going to get my overdue, hair highlighted and cut!, on to curves workout, and would you ever guess?..... I have to go to.....WALMART!, that store makes me tired!!, have to get my med, and my goldfish are sooooo~ hungry! {they missed dinner last night! I could not get one morsel out of the empty can!!(ha-ha:)! So with......................,
1)~ My Faith~~"HAVE FAITH IN GOD," JESUS ANSWERED. Mark 11:22(NIV).
2)~ My Family~~the security, of just knowing that is where you can be "real" personal in a hectic world!
3)My Friends~~ A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES...........Proverbs17:17(NIV)

*Hope your day is filled with Belief , Blessings, and Abundance of Grace* !


  1. Hi Kay,
    So sorry to hear about your sister's health
    problems. I will pray for her that she will
    feel the Lord's strength and peace.
    Hope you and yours have a blessed weekend.
    Love & Prayers,

  2. Sweet Kay, Firstly, I think you and I are kindred spirits~I have the same pumpkin on my island in my kitchen(mine is shorter and rounder, just like me). I'm so sorry to hear about your sister but I love reading your confidence in the fact that He is already there. He is bigger than any problem we might face. I'll be uplifting you all. I thought it comical that I got my hair cut and colored this week and I too get my med's from Walmart.
    You are such a dear and I am thankful for you!!!
    Have a blessed weekend.
    Love, Noreen

  3. Praying for you, and your sister.