Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey Girls just a quick post! I need you to go to the throne for me! There is some serious stuff that needs to be lifted high on behalf of me and my family! God says you have not because you ask not; so here I am asking for prayer warriors on some circumstances that ;Yes! I am experiencing some "FEAR" OVER THE UNKNOWN; AND THE WHAT IFS! Sometimes the human takes over and it is so difficult not to be human. I will keep you updated on our behalf.
Thank You all so much that will just pray for us daily! I am really disturbed with what is happening sometime. You all have become such huge part of my life these last few months and I know I can depend on you to pray for what is heavy on my heart at this moment! Hope you all have a HAPPY WEEK-END! GOD LOVES YOU! AND SO DO I:).


  1. May the Lord's peace cover and surround you today, each moment and hour, and in the coming days. This sounds very much like what I was dealing with this last weekend-feel free to email me personally if you need to.
    I totally relate to uncertainty and the unknown so I've got you covered dear one.
    May His grace transend what is happening in the natural.
    Hugs and prayers,

  2. May our Father be extra close to you dear. I will keep you, and your precious family covered in prayer. I love you.

  3. For you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8 NIV. "God's presence stands between the turmoil of the world and my spirit. His peace is my safe harbor in the storm." (that's a little poem on my calendar. Author Unknown. Thinking of you!