Thursday, August 12, 2010

This and That? & (Happy Birthday! "Sis")

Good Thursday Morning! WoW! it seems that this has been a long week. Not sure if it is because I have just felt extra tired or what? I actually slept until 6:30 this morning and that is not me! Yes! that does still sound early; but always I am awake by 5am. But anyway really feel tired this morning. Already have got one grandchild here and waiting on another one; actually I have had my 2 grandson's the last 4 wks. and trust me this 9 and 12 yr.old boys have worn me out! They remind me so much of my 2 son's growing up; They fight and argue a lot! , but at the end of the day they say I Love You, and see you tomorrow! , but all in all I have enjoyed spending some one on one time with each of them. I have not had my granddaughter very much at all this summer, she has been really busy with her friends coming and going and her mother has always got another child with her it seems, so Hannah has been busy this summer with friends, baseball, theater camp, VBS, skating, and swimming!! Whoa!! slow down!:), this makes me really tired! HA-HA! I have been helping to get all their new clothes and school supplies together, me and hubby always try to help them out every year, however it seemed to be kinda stretched out this year just trying to work it in because usually I just take one at a time, if that makes any sense?? You know what I mean!! Oh! well , we are getting it all together one trip at a time!
OK, have to wish my "Sis" Linda,:) A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) ......, I will call her shortly and wish her that "60" something ! Happy Day!:) Hope and Pray it is truly a "HAPPY DAY FOR YOU"!

(PSALMS 118:24).


  1. have been busy too. Yes, six a.m. does sound early....Five sounds even earlier! But here lately I've been having to get up between 4 and 5 a.m. each morning to take my husband to work. Let me tell you, I'm seriously "tarred" (tired) by the end of the day...which I'm usually hoping its the end of the day by around 8 p.m. LOL For a night owl like me, that's pretty bad, huh? :) Just wanted to stop by and say HI and thanks for being my friend!!! :) P.S. Hope your sis had a great b-day..Today's my niece's b-day too!

  2. I loved it when my kids could go to all those camps! They were so much fun. Now, they are old enough to work at them LOL! My mom helps us too and what a blessing it is! You are so wonderful to help your kids and grandkids...not just monetarily but by spending time! It is such a gift for all !!!

    Love you

  3. You are a busy little bee, bzzz.