Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just one more! Thank You Jesus!

Good Saturday Evening Ladies, thought I would share just a moment of how Good God Is! My church has been host of what we called "Block Parties"! This is a Saturday afternoon event that our church goes out and sets up various activities for children, hot dogs, snow cones, and lots of cold bottled water, at locations in small subdivisions around the lake area that has a lot of unchurched people. We wrapped it up today here in Malakoff, and around 500 people showed up!, but the wonderful thing is that through the generous donations of our church body we were able to supply (800 )backpacks for school age children grades K-through 12. So today I have worked with my daughter and another sweet friend finishing stuffing backpacks, carting to all the available cars that were being packed to the hilt to transport to the baseball field to hand out! To God Be the Glory for all the sweet little faces that came to pick one up! This is just the sweet simplicity of God to me just to Glorify Him in such a small way!! I Love you Jesus for everything that you do for me! Please Jesus forgive me when I take just the simplest things for granted. Just wanted to say a "Special" Thank You to Brandi and Kasey~ you girls did a fabulous job coordinating this event; gathering, ordering, picking up, transporting , and stuffing those puppies!! good job girls!! (Can't wait to see you in action next year!)


  1. Kay!! How wonderful!!! To be able to be a part of this I know has to bless you even more than those receiving the gifts!! What an awesome church body you have!! Bless you all for helping all of these kids! I know so many are having a hard time!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend my dear friend

  2. Nana, Thanks for becoming a follower, I have been on a, Art, and Iowa State Fair booth, I am so glad you will be following, Looks like we have a lot in common, Love Max Lucado and Beth Moore. As soon as the Fair is over I will get back to blogging regularly.
    Many Blessing, Deborah

  3. Hey Gal! So sorry I haven't visited lately! I have been visiting blogs by the list in my sidebar and somehow you didn't get there! But you are there now!!

    This is so cool about the backpacks!! It is this kind of thing that really speaks to our communities of the love of Christ!
    What a blessing for you to be a part of it!!
    I know it filled your heart all up!
    Have a blessed week sweetie!