Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey, Girls, OK, I have came back to Life! :), Thanks to a sweet friend of mine, She has graciously loaned me her computer! OK, I will admit that I am truly addicted, did not know this until I had to do without "blogging" for 3 wks., not that I don't have enough to keep me busy!! but I just felt that I was going to have a "MELTDOWN" if I did not get to Blog!!(this is so sad:( ......ha-ha!.
My son set this up for me on Sunday, so I spent last night trying to catch-up, with all of you! Didn't want to miss anything; haven't had time to leave a comment; not finished yet! And Oh, by the way this happens to be my "100th" Post! so I am also celebrating my "Bloggy Birthday":), I just love it!! When the "crash " happened with my computer, had a friend come look at it, and then he took it, to another guy, (and you know when the computer leaves home it never comes back!), they keep it, you never get the call to come pick it up, I think those techs just kinda disappear into the unknown, when they have your computer, but I finally talked to the friend that took it and he said that when it "died" it wouldn't be coming back home:( so with that sad news I have had to take some "deep breaths" and assure myself that I would survive this and keep Living! and I know God will provide, and yes! He did for a time with a loaner!! Love it! (Thank You, Jacki)! There has been alot going on, I will catch you up with my world one day at a time! I will get it all together and we have to buy another computer for this addiction of mine!
So for today; this is just a "catch up" post to let you know "I'm back" and have missed you so much! Today ! Please remember to Thank God for all His Blessings for they out-weigh any material thing that we think we have to have!



  1. Happy 100th post blogaversary! I've missed you and glad you are back but know what you mean about being hooked on blogging! I find such encouragement and edification among so many friends that sometimes I could just pass the day reading.
    Have a splendid week.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. happy 100th!!! What a milestone!! Love Psalm 136... just spoke on it last week :)

  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday, glad you are back. I love you.

  4. Hey Sweetie,
    So glad to hear from you today!
    Praising GOD for your "loaner" and for His provision of a new 'puter.
    I recently celebrated my 100th post as well, so I know how surreal it feels, in a Good way!
    Thank you for all of your encouragement regarding my writing. The mother/daughter book has been burning in my heart for many years. NOW is the time to get serious about it. Please pass along the address to my blog: as it will be important to publishers that I have a platform. Well, it will take one step at a time for sure.
    Blessings this week and always...((HUGS!))

  5. CONGRATS on the blogging success! What a great adventure,

  6. Happy (belated) Bloggy Birthday! *<]:o) (party hat) LOL This is wonderful news---and to have you back too! I have an idea of the
    "withdrawals" you were feeling. With me having to focus on (*gasp*) school (not only for the kids but also for ME too) I've been away from the computer a lot. Anyway, I've SOOO missed seeing how you all are doing as well, and also responding to each special comment, which I like to do. I've missed being able to do that..but rest assured, I GET THEM and read them, with a huge smile on my face and thank the LORD for His goodness to me, even while I'm being "pruned" and "stripped down to the wire" --- Thank you for reminding me of Jer. 29:11. That's been a favorite of mine, and I'm learning to not focus on the END (as He already is THERE) and just focus on the "now"-- and how am I responding to the "now" with Him. Here's a special hug !! Mmmmmmmmm! Thanks again for being my bloggin'-sister-friend! :)

  7. Oh how I have missed you too! Happy bloggy birthday!! So glad you were able to borrow a computer and share your sweetness with us again!!