Monday, August 30, 2010


Good Monday Morning! Are you ready for a new week? Ok, Girls as I was setting in Sunday School class yesterday, I was just kinda thumbing through my bible reading some scripture and I was caught off guard by hitting on this one, and I cannot get away from it, I think its because that is one of the ways God speaks to us, is just by getting our attention when we least expect it! Is that just not the best thing that can happen when He catches you off gauard. It's kinda like "I gottcha"! Because of the circumstance that has just worried me so,(and yes! I said "worried",) I really believe that this is what God spoke Loud and Clear to me with this Promise!!

*He said: " Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all you live in Judea and Jerusalem"! This is what the Lord says to you; DO NOT BE AFRAID OR DISCOURAGED BECAUSE OF THIS VAST ARMY. FOR THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS, BUT GOD'S. 2nd Chronicles 20:15(NIV).

Is that not the best!! I just Love that encouragement from God. I came home and wrote that on my chalk board; to be a constant reminder is that the God I serve is fighting this for me and my family! OH! YEAH!:) . Just Believe~
I wrapped up the week-end with a Birthday Dinner for my middle child! He was 35 yesterday! My how time has passed, I keep telling my children that they better watch it because they will be "50"(actually 57); before they know it! and that is scary because that will push me up some! but all in all had a fun week-end, and going to just make up my mind that this is going to be a Glorious Week one day at a Time! Remember: Listen! for the still small voice~ for you never know when He is going to Gettchu!



  1. :) That is a good one! I LOVE when the Lord speaks to us like that!!

    It is HIS battle and I know I always do best when I can remember to lay it down ....even if it takes more than once to do so ;)

    Have a blessed week!!

    Love you

    Had to come back and share my words verification:

    suntoson ha! that's a good one!

  2. Love that word!

  3. Have a very blessed week sweetie, love you.

  4. Happy Tuesday Sweet Friend!
    Love this post!
    Often times our Gracious and Loving Heavenly Father gets my attention while I am brushing my teeth or in the shower. HA! I guess in both instances I am NOT talking and can hear His still, small voice.
    What a blessing and comfort it is when I hear His words to me!!!
    Praying you have a wonderful week...Jess

  5. This is one of my favorite passages...It's wonderful to know that "the battle belongs to the Lord". He is a much better fighter than I...and it's such a blessing to know that He is doing the fighting for me.

    Your blog is filled with blessings...reminders that God is with us always... Thank you for this.

    And thanks for your sweet comments today. I truly appreciate when someone likes my artwork. I am painting furiously, getting ready for my Oct. show. And, yes, I will be doing another give-away soon. It may be a seasonal painting or even another pair of shoes (I actually did 3 separate studies of different color combinations...from which BB could choose.) I will definitely have one to celebrate 100 followers. I am almost there!
    Jane (artfully graced)