Monday, July 5, 2010

Forgiveness! ~Ouch!!

Dear Friends, Good Morning!
First, I want to Thank You for the Prayers that you lifted up for me and my Family on Sunday. There is sometimes that I know I have to have prayer from others; it seems just to get through that "moment" or the "day"! I felt them going up! I just know I did! I had a wonderful day with my family! Ate way too much, hamburgers, hot dogs, and I made homemade banana ice cream! Ouch!! was totally miserable, why do we do this? Ha-Ha!
Back to my thoughts this morning, first of all with all the happenings that as occurred this last week I have some work to do with this thing called "Forgiveness"! not with just one, but 2 or 3 maybe? Have you ever been there?, has it just piled up inside to the point that you just feel like you just want to do that "deep down belly scream"?! (hope you just understood that little phrase!). That's where I am at, but I know, that God says to Forgive! (there's, another Ouch!!).
But you know deep down in my Heart, the desire to do this is there, because I know that this another act of obedience that we must act upon in order to be forgiven ourselves! I will begin this day with God's word of promise to me and you, and with all my being and in His STRENGTH, (not my own), to allow Him to start this process of Forgiveness! Thank you Lord, for speaking to my Heart on this matter.(Help Me! Oh, Lord)!

*Into Your Hands I commit my Spirit; Redeem me, Oh! Lord, The God of Truth. Psalms 31:5.

*But with You, there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared. Psalms 130:4(NIV).


  1. Oh Friend, what a precious gift Forgiveness is!
    To the giver and the receiver.
    Thank you for this reminder!
    Because it is so difficut, it is priceless!
    Praying for you today as well.

  2. Oh my friend.....I have a very similar situation and am seeking the Lords help w/Forgiveness as well! Praying for you and this situation!

    Hugs to you!