Saturday, July 10, 2010

Berries, & "Bunchies" of Praise!

Good Saturday Morning Girls, just stopping by with a few thoughts this morning! Well, me
and our sweet pastors wife, Brandi and 4 of our kids hit the "blueberry " trails again Friday morning! I got another bucket of those pretty little berries, and I am going to try my luck on Blueberry Jelly! OK, I have never done this, but I purchased a little cookbook at their store and it really has some very simple recipes, for fresh blueberries. Of course I will let you know how this works out!! On another note this morning I just wanted to share that The Lord has smiled:),
down on the situation that has had me so disturbed this last week! This circumstance has utterly
shut me down with extreme emotions that I could not function; but I just know that with all the
prayers going up, God heard and He delivered. This has involved one of my son's and the very
destination of his whole life, and career as a Police Officer, involving a very "malicious" X-wife! (God Help Me!!).
But to say the least! with much Prayer God has Prevailed in the circumstance, and it looks like
that all of this "junk" has been dissolved, we are now awaiting the final papers from Lawyers that,
has so graciously "dropped the false charges"! Thank you Lord for the gift of Mercy! So at this point hopefully and prayerfully this will be wrapped up next week, and we can assume normal day to day, functions. And yes; we are still awaiting the final wrap up of this divorce! I hate divorce! We have experienced this more than once and I am here to tell you that it just does not
effect the party's involved it has devastating effects on the whole family! But Girls ,I am going to share the Scripture that God gave me way back, when we as a Family started experiencing this
horrible thing called Divorce with 2 of our children: It is very powerful in my spirit, and has brought me a great deal of Comfort and Promise of God working things out!
* No weapon forged against you will Prevail; and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me, declares the Lord. Isaiah 54:17(NIV).
Is that not one of the richest and most powerful words in a time such as this!! Just love standing on the Promises!! Have a great week-end, and prepare yourself to go and Worship Your Savior on
Sunday! Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord!


  1. I hate divorce as well! Sooo thankful the Lord has intervened and I pray the Peace is following and I stand with you that NO Weapon will prosper!! I will also pray that in ALL things God will work good for those who are called according to HIS purpose bc I know that even in the storm of divorce HE can work Good out of the bad!

    Love you