Thursday, May 27, 2010

A "Letter" to Kyle

Dear Kyle, Yesterday when you came to my house for dinner, I sensed a great deal of disappointment/sadness in your spirit. I asked you if you felt OK and your response was "I did not get one award today! "I", at that moment did not know what to tell you, but this has truly been a statement on my heart, even at this very minute. But when I was preparing dinner I had no idea that your day had been one of great disappointment! and I'm so glad that I was led to prepare one of your favorite foods; Au gratin Potatoes! yea! you just dived in and ate the Squash too! I am so grateful that I had fixed dinner for you to enjoy. Back to that "sad moment" of not feeling your worth, I was able to share with you that those "awards" were not able to make you see your worth and value! That only your True Worth comes from God! He has already caused you to accept Him and be Baptized in Him!, So never think that a "piece of paper" brings value! So to you my Handsome "12" year old grandson, "Nana" LOVES YOU!:), and am so PROUD of you for just being who God made you!:). ( PS) , Kyle this is just a little note I have had on my fridge, for a long time, your great grandmother (which was my mom), gave it to me, along the way! I thought it kinda fit for this occasion! .................................."Within my earthly temple there's a crowd. There's one of us that's humble; one that's proud.
There's one that's broken-hearted for his sins, and one who, unrepentant, sits and grins.
There's one who loves his neighbor as himself, And one who cares for naught but fame and self.
From much corroding care would I be free, If once I could determine which is me."
Kyle you know you who are: You are A child of the King!!

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. Psalms 127:3(NIV)


  1. What a blessing that you live close enough to encourage your grandson in such special ways!
    I praise GOD that Kyle has you for his Nana!
    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for praying for my Daniel (age 25).
    Love in the Lamb~

  2. Thank you for sharing with us your life~ and love for your family....what a absolute blessings you are to your grandson!