Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy # 50!

Good Afternoon Girls, just thought I would take a moment to stop cleaning, and say Hi! and just to let you know this will be my # 50 blog!! I know it seems that everyone celebrates their #100; but I decided that I wanted to celebrate my # 50!! Just needed to do something fun today! Not much to say, and that is very unusal for me; but I just wanted to be quiet today. I am knee deep in my son's room, I have got the closet all pulled out in the middle of the floor, and that was "dust bunny" heaven in this room. I cannot believe all the stuff that was in that closet, and yes being the pack rat that I am, I guess I really should not complain! Forgive me Lord! I have 3 packed bags ready for trash, and will probally have some more when this job is completed. Plans are still to transform this room to My "Girl Power Space"!! (Still; without a vision the people perish!!) Anyway hope you have a Blessed Evening! Will keep you posted on that room!
(Just so you will know this has been a in my gown, no makeup, hair pulled up day!! Yikes!:0!

Happy #50 Bloggy to me!:)

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  1. Happy 50th! You know I fear going into my son's closet....haven't been in since the last time I cleaned it about a year ago~hahaha can only imagine what might been lurking in there~ You are a brave woman and to be commended!